From the old normal to the new sublime

Provotyping stands for ‘provocative prototyping’. By gently challenging people’s future vision, room is created for new perspectives. Provotyping sessions are active, guided work sessions in groups provided with creative oxygen through inspiring examples.
Provotyping is both a call to action and a methodology to not settle for a supporting role but to claim the leading role in a future-inspired narrative for your organization. In four steps, we make that new story tangible and visible.

#1. What if

The essence of everything lies in unfolding an attractive and connecting future vision. A provocative look at the future is more powerful than figures and statistics. It tensions our motivations correctly and offers a beacon on the horizon. With a guiding vision of the future, the narrative of your organization or initiative can take shape step by step.

#2. Coalition of the willing

You will quickly need that future vision to cultivate a ‘coalition of the willing’. Collaborate with people and organizations within and outside your sector who have an interest in realizing that same future vision. Regardless of the size of your organization, you don’t change the world alone. With a ‘coalition of the willing’, you create your own force of change to rewrite the rules of the game.

#3. Provotyping

Liberate that beautiful future vision from the meeting room as soon as possible. So that people can truly experience it, we translate it into a visible and tangible ‘provocative prototype’: We gently disrupt the existing and hold up the mirror to something new. Add some wonder to the experience, and magic happens: you open minds to innovation and ignite the creative light.

“People will only understand once they see it.”

#4. Celebration

In a communication universe where the future often gets trapped in doomsday scenarios, dry reports, and technical terms, I advocate for a radically different approach: celebration. Celebrating new insights and breakthroughs through Provotyping shines a bright light on the path forward. As soon as there’s something to celebrate, everyone gladly steps into the spotlight. Celebration resonates deeply in our hearts, so make sure to applaud everyone. Provotyping is a workshop that can be moderated in both small and large groups and typically spans a full day. The methodology and substantive guidance are extensively documented in the book ‘Provotyping’ (Lannoo Campus 2024).



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