People won’t believe it is possible until it’s done.

I am a hands-on sustainability expert who believes that sustainability is the most exciting entrepreneurial adventure of this decade. That’s why I’m obsessed with the creative possibilities on the intersection of technology, creativity, and ecology. In everything I do, my mission is to help organizations create a unifying future narrative and enable them to make it happen.

I do this by leveraging three superpowers: foresight, design thinking and storytelling.

I authored two books, ‘We, Myself and A.I.’ and ‘Pretopia’. In ‘Pretopia’, I take readers on a pilgrimage through creative breeding grounds where a sustainable future is already being built. Drawing inspiration from radical examples, I aim to encourage every organization to engage in ‘Provotyping’. Provotyping, short for ‘provocative prototyping’, involves provoking and engaging people to imagine possible futures by making them tangible through real experiences. I’m currently working on my third book, ‘Provotyping’, which is set to be published by Lannoo Campus in January 2024.

What I love doing the most

  Finding and sharing inspiration from all over the world

  Delivering engaging performance lectures for both big and small audiences. Customers consider my keynotes on sustainability to be hopeful, energetic, inspiring, colorful, humoristic, and full of surprising possibilities.

  I like helping organizations translate their ESG, CSR and SDG programs into impactful projects with boots
on the ground.

  Specifically, I enjoy engaging organizations into my own Provotyping sessions allowing them to develop an attractive and compelling vision of the future, gather a coalition of willing of organizations around it, and then make the vision visible and tangible through Provotyping. This way, projects are liberated from the meeting room and translated into experiences that engage stakeholders and bring ESG programs to life.



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