STEFAAn’s services

Performance Lectures

Inspired by societal trends, fresh perspectives, and the pivotal challenges within your industry, I guide your audience on a pilgrimage to creative breeding grounds where a sustainable future is already taking shape. Drawing inspiration from frontrunners at home and abroad, we immerse ourselves in the exciting interplay of nature, technology, and creativity. Ultimately, participants will discover how to collaboratively craft their own compelling future narrative with their teams and bring it to life.

PROVOTyping sessions

On a single immersive day, I will guide your team or attendee’s trough a high-impact workshop to shape a unifying future narrative for your organization.

Our approach leverages three powerful forces: foresight, storytelling, and design thinking, along with our unique Provotyping methodology. Together, we will create an engaging and unifying vision of the future. You’ll also learn how to forge a willing coalition, establish a Provotyping framework, and develop a strategy for celebrating every milestone.

As ultimate outcome, your team will leave with a collaborative roadmap to execute in the next 100 days.


A Coral reef is not only the most beautiful and biodiverse ecosystem of our planetary history, the way it operates includes all the models that are necessary to thrive in the 21st century. During a one hour ‘performance lecture’ that is supported with cinematic visuals, Stefaan Vandist will invite you in a world full of wonder: Nature Based Solutions. 3,8 billion years of evolutions didn’t only deliver a lot of inspiration on how to solve problems in design and engineering. On top of that, new blends of technology and nature hold the key to restore life on earth, accelerate the transition into a biobased economy and tackle climate change.

During a full hour of ‘braintainment’, Stefaan transforms your thinking on Nature.

Coral gardening classes

Once in a year, I journey to the Coral Triangle in South-East Asia to engage in coral gardening. Alongside local communities, we work together to rehabilitate new coral reefs, safeguarding them from the threat of extinction. During these coral classes, we not only gain insights into the fascinating biology and ecology of the reef but also draw inspiration from its natural models in the efficient distribution of energy and materials, the maintenance of resilience, and the fostering of cooperation among various species. We volunteer alongside local residents, creating new coral reef structures, participating in reef health monitoring, brainstorming business models for conservation, and generously sharing our acquired knowledge with different stakeholders.

Moreover, we relish life in the tropical ocean environment and encounter the majestic marine life that calls this region home. If you wish to stay informed about our next coral gardening mission, please feel free to reach out.


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