Craft your own future narrative and refuse to accept a supporting role.

Undoubtedly, our capacity to tell stories is our most potent tool. Stories can ignite people’s imaginations, make the unimaginable tangible, simplify complexity, inspire people about what is desirable and possible, ignite inner fires, engage and motivate people around new ideas, start a movement, and encourage people to persevere.

Stories seem to be the ultimate toolkit for moving people forward into the future. However, when you look at communication about sustainability, climate, and biodiversity today, the future appears to be trapped in doomsday scenarios, dry reports, and technical jargon.

Fortunately, our narrative about the future is becoming increasingly less dull, formal, and polite. In the battle against sustainability fatigue, storytelling goes beyond charity marketing or vague future visions. There is exuberant and creative experimentation with ruthless honesty, humor, and ironic scrutiny of traditional, outdated practices.

“To cool the climate, we must first warm people’s hearts.”

During the Masterclass ‘The Power of Storytelling,’ Stefaan demonstrates how to shape your future narrative by writing ahead and assuming the most enchanting role together with your clients and audience. He does this through practical narrative techniques that you can discover in the work of Pixar, Disney, TED Talks, renowned talk show hosts, and major brands.

As a brand or organization, you can demonstrate leadership by liberating the future from fear, uncertainty, and doubt and bringing it where it belongs: amidst emotions of hope and wonder.

After the Masterclass ‘The Power of Storytelling,’ you will know how to make new ideas resonate with people’s minds like mental post-it notes using stories. You will also learn to work with the Storytelling Canvas, a tool that makes your story clear and insightful, so that everyone in your organization can express it powerfully.



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