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Welcome to Pretopia. Here, the next big thing is composed of the connection between many small things.
Stefaan Vandist

In this book, Stefaan Vandist takes you on a pilgrimage. The journey leads to creative incubators where the future is already taking shape. Often, it is different organizations that, as a ‘coalition of the willing,’ are at the forefront of the transition to sustainable food systems, mobility, energy, material usage, or urban development. The goal is not only a more sustainable society but also a more attractive one to live in. Pretopia guides you along 33 innovation paths paved with existing and scalable solutions that you can start implementing right away. During the journey, 9 methodological keys are provided to create your own Pretopia. What is a Pretopia? It’s a period and a place where you gain control over the future and then contribute constructively to it.

Afwerking  Hardback
Pagina’s   240
Afmetingen  250×185
Verschijningsdatum  11.01.2022
Uitgever  LannooCampus
Druk   2

Rik Menten

Director Arcadis

“Onze samenleving heeft nood aan meer Pretopia. Aan tastbare, inspirerende verhalen over duurzame verandering die vandaag al plaatsvinden.”


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