Innovation program Amsterdam for C-level executives

Why do the top international jeans brands start a co-creation-lab in a retail complex?  Why consider co-working as the main disruption in the future of work? Why do social workers launch bike repair and design studios? And how do fmcg-brands manage to become storytelling brands without spending a single penny in media? These are all the result of consilient thinking: unusual and purpose-driven collaborations that lead to unprecedented innovations. A lot of innovations based on cross-industry pollination can be found in retail, hospitality and real estate concepts in Amsterdam.

To learn about the different strategic angle points in which sustainable and purpose innovation happens, we organize an inspiration tour to Amsterdam for C-level executives.

The program also includes a program to prepare us form the trip and make use of the insights after the trip. It consists of 20% Trend Briefings and introduction of new innovation pathways, 60% of visits to innovative projects and 20% reflection sessions. This way we enable participants to apply insights and trend intelligence in their own business reality. Accommodation, lunch, dinner and trips in Amsterdam are chosen according to their innovation story.

The program provides three things:

  • An overview of the diverse perspectives where innovation comes from, how the value chain can be redraws and shopping or user experience can be redefined.
  • Visits to projects with a look behind the scenes and testimonials from entrepreneurs and designers.
  • Two sessions provide in-depth interpretation around the observations and interactive exercises that help participants apply trend and innovation techniques to use in their own operations.

Projects we’ll chose from to visit are Tony’s Chocolonely, Oepdipus Brewery, Restaurant De Kas, Denim Lab, Amsterdam Hall, Kinki Academy, The Dutch Weed Burger, Seamore, Start-up colonies in Westergas Park, Rockstart or FreedomLab, Wework Amsterdam, Zoku Living, Mediamatic,  Art Deli, The Roast Cream, 3DPrintCanalhouse, Instock, Mighty Milk,  Micropia The VR Cinema, Heijmans One, CityHub, and many others.

The program will be determined in function of availability, background and expectations of the participants.


We stay with the whole group for two nights at The Student Hotel in Amsterdam. The Student Hotel in itself is an extraordinary innovative concept in hospitality. As a hybrid of a student residence and boutique hotel, it attracts an international audience with its energetic and youthful atmosphere.


Participants are free to choose how to get in Amsterdam. Parking is provided at affordable price by The Student Hotel. You can also come by train or by Thalys. From Amsterdam Central Station, tram 13 takes you in 20 minutes to the hotel.

In Amsterdam we travel by bike, foot and taxi. Pay attention to the weather when it comes to clothing.