The key to carsharing is … a key.

“How do we prepare Volvo Car Dealerships for the future? That was the question of Volvo Cars Netherlands together with its dealer management. They were especially interested in the role of the concession (and the point of sale and showroom in particular) Or asked in a different way: how do we ensure (regionally) that through a variety of business models, people still opt for Volvo? And how can we give “mobility as a service ‘still a premium cachet?

After a very extensive exploration of the future, we have come to a set of major innovation paths where mainly regional efforts make a difference in the road towards mobility as a premium service. The customer journeys are now converted to visual scenarios in collaboration with Pinkeye Design Studio.

One of the most refreshing elements and clever strategic stepping stones to craft regional services together, are the “keyless cars. These days, owners of Volvo’s equipped with keyless drive can lock their cars, unlock and start without making use of the ignition key. A next step (2017) is to replace the key by an app, and that offers an interesting potential. This way, Volvo drivers are not only able to use their app for a rental car during their holidays, they can also share their Volvo through that app with neighbours, or temporarily use regional car sharing.

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