Consilient thinking: Unusual collaboration leads to innovation unseen

“Consilience, which Pulitzer Prize-winning scientist and philosopher Edward O. Wilson defines as ‘the interlocking of causal explanation across disciplines’, is the order of the day.

Consilience literally means ‘things that happen together’. Consilient thinking means that you are looking for solutions together with experts from different disciplines for (often global) problems. A nice surprise is that solutions often demonstrate their utility in several industries. What if you could combine the latest insights of biology, physics, computer technology and others? Which new balance between man, technology and nature will occur? And with massive global challenges in the background, can we create impact on consumer behaviour?

Olli is another great example of innovation, design and engineering, but not only in the automotive industry. It is also a leading example for the energy industry, ICT (internet-of-things), production (additive manufacturing), public transport and logistics. Olli in itself is a keen example of cross-border innovation.

We find many more applications of ‘Consilient thinking’ in the food industry. Food computers and synthetic biology provide future scenarios to feed 9 billion people living for 85% in megacities within two decades.

How to outsmart meat on taste? “We asked Giuseppe about the foodture

A special initiative that I’d love to talk about is found at the Chilean start-up “The Not Company”. In collaboration with an algorithm they call Guiseppe, they analyze human perceptions of taste and texture. The most brilliant Nutrition Scientist in the world is programmed at the “Not the Company” is argued cheeky. The program suggests on this basis unorthodox combinations of plant based ingredients to create very realistic and tasty meat substitutes.

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